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Dumping guide for PS3 discs. For the forum discussion topic on PS3 dumping please see[1][2]. 3K3Y setup video here[3]

Dumping on PS3 console or PC work equally well. If you already have a compatible PS3, then that's the cheapest path. If you don't, then it's cheaper to just buy a drive and go with the PC + PS3/OEM Drive Dumping method. The final method, PC + Non-PS3/OEM drive cannot dump keys, but this information can sometimes be tracked down later, so these dumps are accepted.

Note about dumping PS3 betas: PS3 beta (BD-R / DVD-R) should be dumpable via standard DVD-Rom or BD-Rom drives via ISO Buster / Img Burn [4] or DICUI with the IBM-PC DVD-Rom settings (for DVD-R betas), or PS4 settings (for BD-R betas).[5] More testing required to confirm.


Dumping with a PS3 Console with CFW 3.55


Requirements: Soft/hardmodded PS3 running a CUSTOM firmware to dump the ISO to an external USB drive.


NOTE: If the PS3 is running a cobra CFW and up-to-date multiMAN, you have to select from the XMMB menu mmCM > 'Switch to multiMAN mode' to make the the option 'Enable Direct Disc Access' appear in the start menu. Otherwise, the ISO that you create will be incorrect (decrypted).

Dumping the ISO using MultiMAN:

  • In XMMB display mode, go to multiMAN > File Manager / mmOS.
  • In the start menu, select 'Enable Direct Disc Access' (with the game disc inserted).
  • Double-click the Games icon to switch back to XMMB display mode. In the multiMAN column, select 'Refresh'.
  • Now go to the Video column. It should now show a BD/DVD entry. Go to it, and select the 'Create ISO' option.
  • You can now copy the ISO to your preferred destination. For the best speeds, select the internal HDD.
  • Once it is dumped, you can use File Manager to copy/paste the ISO from the PS3ISO folder to your USB drive.
  • If your destination is FAT, >4GB ISO's that are split into segments have to be combined again (using e.g. copy /b).

Dumping the metadata using GetKey:

  • Use 3k3y Keydumper to create a 3Dump.bin file for your drive. This must be done on 3.55 CFW. You can use a higher CFW after creating your 3Dump.bin.
  • Put your 3Dump.bin on the root of your USB drive.
  • Plug your USB drive into the right-most USB port (/dev_usb000/).
  • Launch GetKey from XMB (with the game disc inserted): it'll run and exit back to XMB.
  • It creates two files on the root of the USB drive: disc.pic & getkey.log
  • The getkey.log file will contain the disc_key, disc_id and PIC.
  • Please make sure that you provide the complete and correct metadata for each dump.

Dumping with a PS3 Console with CFW 3.56 or Newer

3.56 is the only higher firmware revision that can be downgraded to 3.55 (if you choose), otherwise proceed with this guide. Possibly more useful info here[6]. Assuming you have Rebug CFW installed, it's really easy and you can do it mainly in Rebug Toolbox

  • Download latest version of Toolbox from the site (reinstall if necessary)
  • Dump NOR/NAND to USB
  • Dump EID root key (note the path, /hdd0/games/RTOOLBOX2/eid_root_key.bin), then fire up Multiman and copy it to USB(edited)
  • Pop that USB into a computer and fire up a hex editor
  • Open your NOR/NAND dump and go to 0x00303A0 (NOR)/0x0081BA0 (NAND) and copy the 0x30 bytes form that offset and paste them into a new file
  • Copy your EID root key onto the end of the file
  • Rename to 3Dump.bin and place on USB

Dumping with a PC and an external PS3/OEM Blu-Ray drive

Dumping with a Windows PC and specific, compatible Blu-Ray drive is the cheapest way to get dumping (unless you already own a PS3).



  • 3k3y Ripper Device[7]: v2 is preferred for a wider range of compatibility, but v1 will work fine with the drive linked below.
  • Sony PS3 Blu-Ray drive with sector 2 zeroing[8]
  • Power adapter. Search "UGREEN USB to IDE Converter, USB 3.0 to IDE" on Amazon - even though you don't need to convert IDE to anything, it's still a great power adapter for feeding power to your Blu-Ray drive.


First Time Setup

  • Hardware: Your Blu-Ray drive should come with a ribbon, attach this to the 3k3y Ripper. The 3k3y Ripper should come with a USB cable, plug this in to the 3k3y Ripper and the other end into your computer. Feed your Blu-Ray drive power with the UGREEN power adapter AND plug the adapter's USB cable to the computer for additional power. Your computer should detect the drive.
  • Software: Install IsoTools app linked above. Unzip GetKeyFrom3k3y and DVDToImg, these two are command line apps.
  • Power on your drive and hook up the USB to your computer.
  • Make sure your Blu-Ray drive is empty, you can eject any discs with the tiny black button on top of the 3k3y Ripper.
  • Open IsoTools. You should get a warning telling you that if you press "Yes" you will no longer be able to use the drive with a PS3 console ("You've enabled the use of default keys..."). Chose "Yes".


  • Open Up IsoTools app.
  • Put your PS3 disc into the drive. IsoTools should recognize the disc and say something like "PS3 Game Disc: BLUS-12345, Ready". Close IsoTools app.
  • Now open up the command line and cd (change directory) to the location of the dvdtoimg.exe that you downloaded earlier, and run a command: dvdtoimg f gamename.iso (where "f" is the drive letter). Eventually, percentage will reach "100%" and then "Process finished".
  • Reopen IsoTools app and choose "Rip" (note: if "Rip" is unselectable, eject the disc and put it back it, it should work now). Now IsoTools will ask you where you want to save the files (an .ird and a .dec.iso). Once you click Save, IsoTools will start dumping. You can immediately "Cancel" the dump.
  • Move the gamename.dec.iso file to the location of GetKeyFrom3k3y.exe
  • Now in the command line, cd (change directory) to the location of GetKeyFrom3k3y.exe, and run a comand: GetKeyFrom3k3y "gamename.dec.iso" >info.txt
  • Now you can delete the .ird and gamename.dec.iso files.

Submit your Dump

Info to submit:

  • Checksums for gamename.iso
  • info.txt file
  • Inside of gamename.iso > PS3_Game folder, find PARAM.SFO. Open this in a text editor to check version number, or copy paste the info in your submission.
  • Game title
  • Serial number as printed on disc
  • Barcode numbers

Dumping with a PC and a Non-PS3/OEM Blu-Ray Drive

PS3 discs via this method cannot have their IRD/Keys extracted, but are still datted in redump, sometimes this information can be tracked down on the internet so isn't pertinent to datting.

If you choose to dump with this method, use this dumping guide: Disc Dumping Guide (DICUI).

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