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This dumping guide is for:

For all other formats see Dumping Guides.



  • In the MPF app folder, double click on MPF.exe to launch the app.
  • Disc Type: Select the format / console of the disc you're dumping.
  • System/Media Type: Choose the system name for your disc, then disc format if the system supports multiple disc formats.
  • Output Filename: This gives a title to your output files, using the game title is a good idea (example WipEout Pulse).
  • Output Directory: This defaults to ISO\unknown\, changing this to the game title ISO\Game Name\ will create a unique subfolder for you to keep your dumps organized. (NOTE: You cannot have punctuation in your directory name such as a period ".")
  • Drive Letter: This should automatically fill when a disc is in, but if you have multiple disc drives then select the one you wish to dump with.
  • Drive Speed: You can leave this default. (Pro mode: Select the drive speed you wish to dump with.)
  • Start Dumping: Click this and your dump will begin! A command-line interface window will pop-up displaying the progress of your dump. When the command-line automatically closes, your dump is done!
  • Note: "Scan for protection" option is just for checking if a PC disc has copy protection for when you don't want to dump the disc itself. The IBM PC dumping setting will automatically scan for protection during the dumping process. So ignore this "Scan for protection" button if you're dumping discs.

Submitting Info to Redump.org database

Time to have your disc added to redump's database! New dumpers need to sign up on the forum here, then after account approval need to submit disc info here. After receiving "Dumper" status, future submissions for new discs (not currently in database) should go through New Disc form. Submissions for verifications of existing items, should be posted in the Verifications area.

Please review the important guidelines outlined in this forum thread regarding submission of both new discs and verifications: Redump Submissions

About half of the information required will auto populate in the !submissioninfo.txt file which serves as a template for your submission. The rest of the info will have to be filled in manually:

  • Game title: Most obvious, is located everywhere. Please include the subtitle if your game has one.
  • Disc title: Some games stored on multiple discs may have discs with titles. Examples: Armored Core: Nexus (Disc 1) (Evolution) and (Disc 2) (Revolution). If your game doesn't have multiple discs, ignore this.
  • Game languages: Start the game and look for "Language" menu in options. If you are unable to test, leave this empty.
  • Version: This will auto-populate on some systems, but for others leave this empty if you are unsure. For PC games, the version is sometimes printed on the disc or displayed on the in-game menu.
  • Edition: Some games were re-released in different packages, for example, "Platinum", "Greatest Hits", "PlayStation 2 the Best" series. If game was released in original package, post edition as "Original".
  • Barcode: Submit the numbers from under the barcode: EAN / UPC code, usually printed on the back cover of the packaging or disc case.
  • Serial number: Usually printed on disc itself. If an alternate serial number is printed on packaging, please note it.
  • Ring code info: Post whatever information is visible to you. Ring codes are numbers and letters primarily on the data side of the disc near the disc center/hole. Use the Ring Code Guide.

Zip and upload all output files along with your submission EXCEPT the game itself (all files except: .iso, .bin, .scm, .img). They can be included as an attachment to forum submissions, or as a download link (Google Drive, Dropbox, mega.nz, etc). If you are submitting a new disc through the new disc form, you can add a link to the logs in the 'comments' section of your submission.

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