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Currently being added to No-Intro:

  • Last disc in a set seems to drop "D" in serial, unconfirmed.
TitleTitle (Non-Latin)Purchased bySerial/UPC/EAN/ETCNote
ALL.Net P-ras Multi Version 3ALL.Net P-ras MULTI バージョン3 CDA-0009A-1D/CDA-0009A-2D/CDA-0009A-33 Discs [1]
Chrono Regaliaクロノレガリア CDA-0003C-11 Disc (Ver 1.20) [2][3]
Fate/Grand Order Arcade CDA-0004A-1D/CDA-0004A-22 Discs [4]
Fate/Grand Order Arcade CDA-0004AK-1D/CDA-0004AK-22 Discs [5]
Fate/Grand Order Arcade CDA-0004AV-1D/CDA-0004AV-2D/CDA-0004AV-33 Discs, Disc 1 dumped [6]
Fate/Grand Order Arcade CDA-0004BG-1D/CDA-0004BG-2D/CDA-0004BG-33 Discs [7][8]
Fate/Grand Order Arcade CDA-0004CC-1D/CDA-0004CC-2D/CDA-0004CC-33 Discs, Disc 3 dumped [9]
Fate/Grand Order Arcade CDA-0004CL-1D/CDA-0004CL-2D/CDA-0004CL-33 Discs [10]
Fate/Grand Order Arcade CDA-0004CU-1D/CDA-0004CU-2D/CDA-0004CU-3D3 Discs (4 Discs?) Version 9.00 (REVISION 70) [11]
Fate/Grand Order Arcade CDA-0004K-1D/CDA-0004K-2D/CDA-0004K-33 Discs(?) [12]
Ongekiオンゲキ CDA-0006-11 Disc [13]
Ongekiオンゲキ CDA-0006C-11 Disc [14]
Ongekiオンゲキ CDA-0006K-1D1 Disc (2 Discs?) [15]
Ongeki Summerオンゲキ SUMMER CDA-0006J-11 Disc [16]
Sega Card Makerセガカードメイカー CDA-0007-11 Disc [17]
Soul Reverse CDA-0001-1D/CDA-0001-2D2 Discs (3 Discs?) [18]
WCCF Footista CDA-0008B-1D/CDA-0008B-2D/CDA-0008B-3D3 Discs (5 Discs?) [19]
WCCF Footista CDA-0008D-1D/CDA-0008D-2D/CDA-0008D-3D/CDA-0008D-4D/CDA-0008D-55 Discs [20]
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