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Sega Mil-CD's are a hybrid format composed of Dreamcast-compatible GD-Rom plus audio, for the purposes of music-related releases. Mil-CD's are ONLY playable in a Dreamcast system, and are therefore classed as under that banner for the purposes of this miss list.

All known info, including miss list, is taken from[1]. Further discussion, possible alternate revisions[2].

Missing Official

Nine Chairs [SCLX2004]
Kita e. White Illumination Pure Song and Pictures [ZMCZ-656]
Heartbreak Diary [PICL-7501]
Checkicco no Miru CD [PCCAX-10001]
Hang the DJ [MJCYX80002]
Himitsu Original Sound Track [WPCV-10045]
D2 Original Sound Track [FSCA-10113]
Space Channel 5 Ulala The Movie

Missing unlicensed

Wind and Water Puzzle Battles - 2008 RedSpotGames Release
Wind and Water Puzzle Battles - 2016 DragonBox Release [Bought: FakeShemp]
Cheats 'N Codes Volume 1 [Bought: FakeShemp]
Hermes [Bought: FakeShemp]
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