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Before we start dumping we must first setup our tools properly.

Work In Progress

Exact Audio Copy

  • Cancel the configuration wizard (if there is one);
  • Select the drive you want to use for ripping in the combobox;
  • Open EAC → EAC Options or press F9;
    • Select the “Tools” tab and make sure 'activate beginner mode' is disabled;
    • Select the “Extraction” tab. For “Error recovery quality” choose High;
    • Also in the “Extraction” tab, disable “No use of NULL samples for CRC calculations”;
  • Open EAC → Compression Options or press F11;
    • Select the “Waveform” tab. For “Wave format” choose “Microsoft PCM Convertor”;
    • For “Sample format”, make sure that “44,100 kHz; 16 Bit; Stereo” is selected;
    • In the same tab, make sure that “Do not write WAV header to file” is checked;
    • Also make sure that “High quality (slow) is selected”;
    • In the “File extension for headerless files” box, enter “.bin”;
  • Open EAC → Drive Options or press F10;
    • Select the first tab (“Extraction Method”) and click on “Detect Read Features”;
    • EAC should now start detecting the features of your drive;
    • Select “Secure Mode” (on the same tab);
    • Click on the tab “Gap Detection” and set the detection accuracy to “Secure”;
    • Set the Gap/Index retrival method to “Method A”. If you have problems detecting the gap, try changing to B or C (see “Ripping the audio tracks”);
    • Change to the “Offset / Speed” tab and enable “overread into lead-in and lead-out”;
    • Look up the read offset value of your drive in the Accuraterip database;
    • Write down the value for your drive, as we will use it later on in the guide.
  • Save this profile and keep it handy.

This profile will save you the trouble of setting up manually EAC Options (F9) and Compression Options (F11). You will only need to set up your Drive Options (F10).

EAC v1.0 beta 2 profile: Download


  • Open Options → File system settings.
  • In Display Time Stamp options group select Local time stamp option.


Create a new .TXT file and copy/paste the following information into the file (remove the preceding tabs). Rename the file as "redump.cpp" and move it into CloneCD's profile folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\SlySoft\CloneCD\Profiles):

  • [CloneCD ReadPrefs]
  • ReadSubData=1
  • RegenerateData=0
  • ReadSubAudio=1
  • AbortOnReadError=0
  • FastErrorSkip=0
  • ReadSpeedData=8
  • ReadSpeedAudio=8
  • IntelligentBadSectorScan=1
  • SectorSkip=1
  • NoErrorReport=0
  • FirstSessionOnly=0
  • AudioQuality=3
  • [0x0d0a]

NOTE 1: Plextor drives can set "FastErrorSkip=1" or if you know your drive supports it.

NOTE 2: Setting the Data/Audio ReadSpeeds at speeds lower than 8x can cause permanent damage to modern drives. Do so at your own risk!

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