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The purpose of this page is to track games / discs, where there are special situations, strange exceptions, or where there have been previous discussions about an appropriate Title / element.

  • Darkseed / Dark Seed [Redump Search] - 2022-05-07
    • The game Darkseed (Dark Seed) is listed with both spellings in multiple different areas of several of the individual games, packaging, manuals, etc. There is no definitive title so we are currently using the main 'Darkseed' which matches the logo arrangement, with an alternate title of Dark Seed. Dark Seed II, however, is more stylized/written as 'Dark Seed II.'
  • Sonic the Hedgehog / Sonic The Hedgehog [Redump Search] 2023 01-10
    • We've settled on not capitalizing 'the' just like most other games, for simplicity, consistency, and to avoid ambiguity and argument about whether Sonic The Hedgehog is a 'formal' name, which people had varying opinions on. Other titles will be handled similarly.
  • Shinobido / Shinobi-dou [Redump Search] - 2023-02-01
    • Normally a foreign title is romanized using our standardized method (Shinobi-dou in this case). However, in this situation, Shinobido is so prominently displayed, and consistently used, not only in the Japanese release but also other releases and other iterations of the series, that we've decided Shinobido is more appropriate for the database.
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula [Redump Search] - 2023 09-08
    • 新世紀 would typically be romanized to Shin Seiki or Shinseiki, but in this case, we've researched and it appears stylistic, whereas the entire series is Future GPX... instead of Shin Seiki GPX or Shinseiki GPX.
  • Plus Plumb / Plus Plum [Redump Search] - 2023 09-28
    • We've done some extensive research and believe the romanization for the Japanese game ぷらすぷらむ should be 'Plus Plumb' and not 'Plus Plum' which is referenced across the internet in many places.
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