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The purpose of this page is to track some unique items / issues, that the mods should be aware of and looking out for when processing submissions.

redumper - scrambled leadout marked as audio

For some discs, lead-out following the data track is marked as audio but actually consists of fully scrambled (empty) data sectors. This results in the generation of a Track A consisting of empty data sectors.
If a data disc is dumped and submitted with a Track A, moderators should carefully check the non-zero TOC sample range and non-zero data sample range. If the data range is within the TOC range (i.e. is smaller, see below), then this situation may obtain and further advice should be sought
non-zero TOC sample range: [ -88200 .. +169617420]
non-zero data sample range: [ +9410 .. +169441022]

New Audio Disc Submissions (2023 02-24)

Please review the detail in the Audio CD Moderation Guide regarding new disc submissions, and cases where Universal Hash is the same for an existing entry, but the tracks differ. In those cases, we add as a verification via the steps outlined in the guide linked here.

Error count (2023 01-13)

There are some issues / discrepancies with error counts. The existing tools / process, can sometimes report error counts that differ from previous redump entries as well as reliable external tools like edccchk.exe.
If you are processing a verification, for example, and the error count differs from that in the current redump entry, please do not update it without researching further! It is possible that edccchk.exe needs to be run on the disc to verify errors, or further investigation is needed.

EXE Date / UTC vs. "local time" issue (2023 01-13)

As we have discussed many times before, there are discrepancies in some redump entries (usually by a day or so), due to the difference between localtime and 'UTC' time. MPF is now adjusting the EXE Date to UTC, and so some verifications will show an EXE date that differs (usually early by a day). As a team, we need to figure out if we are going full fledged forward this direction, or not. As it stands, we have a mixture in the database and different mods are doing different things. One proposal is to not adjust them as we are adding verifications, until we figure this out.
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