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Note: This guide is only for dumping Blu-Ray video discs, NOT PS3 discs. For a PS3 game dumping guide see PlayStation 3 Dumping Guide.

Work in progress.

How to guide to get AACS Info:

  • Has info on how to get the DiscID/VUK/MEDIAKEY/VOLUMEID and MKB version for Windows & for Linux
  • I used Windows version FindVUK 1.10 that was the latest at the time[1]
  • Also need DVDFabPasskey9211 [2]
  • While DVDFab is reading the BD, FindVUK memory dumps DVDFab.
  • Then after DVDFab finishes reading the BD, eject & reinsert the BD.
  • Then FindVUK reads/gets the rest of the meta info, saved in the logfile with the DiscID/VUK/MEDIAKEY/VOLUMEID and MKB version.
  • Note: DiscID is the Unit Key File Hash. It's the SHA-1 hash of /AACS/Unit_Key_RO.inf
  • Also the uploaded DVDFab & FindVUK work with each other. If you want to use a newer DVDFab, you have to find/use a newer FindVUK that supports it.
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