BD-Video Key Extraction

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Note: This guide is only for extracting Keys from Blu-Ray Video discs, for dumping the discs see Disc Dumping Guide (DICUI).


Some versions of Find VUK and DVDFab don't play well together. Your experience may vary.

  • Find VUK (unzip FindVUK in a folder with write-access)
  • DVDFab (install)


  • DVDFab should be closed.
  • Insert Blu-Ray disc.
  • Launch FindVUK.exe, this will automatically launch DVDFab.
  • Select "Try" to use DVDFab as a trial.
  • A progress bar window should appear as DVDFab is processing the disc, which takes a few seconds. FindVUK should report that it found the key.
  • Eject the disc, close FindVUK, close DVDFab (you may have to forcibly kill the process, for me it frequently hangs at that time).
  • In FindVUK's OnlineDB_Backup subfolder, an xml file is created for each disc. Example for [1] 48128/D6630E5AA891CE4164A44E627E5672F092D0D717-BDROM (Meta).xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <DiscId Date="2008-04-30">D6630E5AA891CE4164A44E627E5672F092D0D717</DiscId>
   <UnitKey Nr="1">562D5AC9EF5925866D7F07BBDC8ADFEF</UnitKey>
   <MetaTitle Language="" Manual="1">Metal Gear Solid 4 Bonus Disc</MetaTitle>
   <Hash Type="MD5" File="MKB_RO.inf" Size="1048576">BF8D213F679D3423526B1185B30C63D2</Hash>
 <Application>FindVUK 1.09</Application>
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