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This guide is only for Dumping Keys from Blu-Ray Video discs, for dumping the discs see Disc Dumping Guide (MPF).

Multiple methods for dumping BD-Video below, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.


Method 1: FindVUK (AACSkeys mode)

This method is the easiest, and works on Media Key Block (MKB) versions past 68, but past version 68 (v69 skipped, v70 in 2019-07) it can only extract the UnitKey (UK). It works as long as the drive has not yet revoked the host certificate (it's only valid until mkbv71 and got revoked in 72).

  1. Download and unzip the latest version of FindVUK
  2. Double click "FindVUK - Synchronize.bat". The window will automatically close once the process is complete.
  3. Now you will dump the keys. You do one of either two methods:
    1. Drag and drop the drive icon where the disc is inserted to the file "FindVUK - AACSkeys.bat" (NOTE: This requires no spaces being anywhere in the file path where your FindVUK folder is).
    2. OR open up the command line and "cd" (change directory) to the location to inside your FindVUK folder, then run this command: FindVUK.exe AACSkeys=X (where "X" is the drive letter).
  4. In your FindVUK folder, go into the OnlineDB_Backup subfolder. You will find an xml file with your key info to submit to redump!

Method 2: FindVUK + DVD Fab

Method 2 is believed to have similar dumping compatibility to Method 1. The only thing unknown / untested is that whether Method 1 can also extract UnitKey (UK) v70 (circa 2019-07), which Method 2 can. If Method 1 can also do this, then Method 2 should be considered deprecated as it's a more convoluted / difficult process.


Some versions of FindVUK and DVDFab don't play well together. Your experience may vary.

  • FindVUK (unzip FindVUK in a folder with write-access)
  • DVDFab (install)


  • DVDFab should be closed.
  • Insert Blu-Ray disc.
  • Launch FindVUK.exe, this will automatically launch DVDFab.
  • Select "Try" to use DVDFab as a trial.
  • A progress bar window should appear as DVDFab is processing the disc, which takes a few seconds. FindVUK should report that it found the key.
  • Eject the disc, close FindVUK, close DVDFab (you may have to forcibly kill the process, for me it frequently hangs at that time).
  • In your FindVUK folder, go into the OnlineDB_Backup subfolder. You will find an xml file with your key info to submit to redump!

Submitting .XML / Key info

Now we'll discuss how to submit the XML file info from FindVUK's OnlineDB_Backup subfolder.

Let's have a look at this XML output:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <DiscId Date="2008-04-30">D6630E5AA891CE4164A44E627E5672F092D0D717</DiscId>
   <UnitKey Nr="1">562D5AC9EF5925866D7F07BBDC8ADFEF</UnitKey>
   <MetaTitle Language="" Manual="1">Metal Gear Solid 4 Bonus Disc</MetaTitle>
   <Hash Type="MD5" File="MKB_RO.inf" Size="1048576">BF8D213F679D3423526B1185B30C63D2</Hash>
 <Application>FindVUK 1.09</Application>

This information should be submitted to the Redump entry's "Protection" section as follows:

BD-Video Protection: AACS (MKB version 7)
Media Key: D3A5957A0219001AB62D31EAC9A10E5A
Volume ID: FC3AAC79EA225AE1448C983C98259319
Volume Unique Key: F283D691673583569819F114460A6BF7
Unit Key File Hash (DiscID): D6630E5AA891CE4164A44E627E5672F092D0D717
  • "BD-Video Protection" comes from this line of the XML: "<MKBrev>7</MKBrev>"
  • "Media Key" comes from this line of the XML: "<MediaKey>D3A5957A0219001AB62D31EAC9A10E5A</MediaKey>"
  • "Volume ID" comes from this line of the XML: "<VolumeId>FC3AAC79EA225AE1448C983C98259319</VolumeId>"
  • "Volume Unique Key" comes from this line of the XML: "<VolumeUniqueKey>F283D691673583569819F114460A6BF7</VolumeUniqueKey>"
  • "Unit Key File Hash (DiscID)" comes from this line of the XML: "<DiscId Date="2008-04-30">D6630E5AA891CE4164A44E627E5672F092D0D717</DiscId>"

Here's the entry so you can see for yourself [1].

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