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This is an OLD deprecated guide for reference only.

For the current dumping guide see: Disc Dumping Guide (DICUI).

How to dump a DVD-Video disc using standard DVD copy protection.



DVD Decryptor

Download DVD Decrypter

  • Start DVD Decryptor
  • Check the log window for the RCE protection type and make note of it for submission info, or take a screenshot and include it in the submission info.
  • Close DVD Decryptor

ISO Buster

Download the free version of ISO Buster.

  • Open up IsoBuster > Track 01 > Extract User Data. This will create a dump of your DVD-Video.
  • Right click on Track 1 > Sector View > type "16" in at the top, then copy + paste all text into a .txt document to submit with your logs. The PVD data from 0320 - 0370 (full six rows) are the pertinent info.

Retrieving Decryption Keys

Download QPxTool and unzip.

  • Open your Command Prompt and cd to the location of your unzipped folder, for example: "C:\Users\[YOUR COMPUTER USER NAME HERE]\Downloads\QPxTool"
  • Run readdvd.exe -d D: -o NUL (note "D:" is the drive letter with the DVD, change accordingly).
  • Press Q to stop reading and then copy the three keys from the command window (decrypting disc key, trying player key, decrypted disc key).

Submitting your Dumps

Time to have your disc added to redump's database! If it is your first submission, do so via the forum. Forum sign-up here. Forum disc info submission here.

Info from DVD Decrypter's log window

  • Region: #,#,etc.
  • RCE Protection: No or Yes
  • Copyright Protection System Type: CSS/CPPM

Info from QPxTool

  • Encrypted Disc Key:
  • Player Key:
  • Decrypted Disc Key:

General Info

  • Movie title: Most obvious, is located everywhere. Please include subtitle.
  • Languages:
  • Bundled?: Is this a bonus disc bundled with a game? If so which one?
  • Barcode: Submit the numbers from the barcode: EAN / UPC code, usually printed on the back cover of the packaging or disc case.
  • Serial number: If one exists.
  • Media: If the DVD is greater than 4.7 GB and up to 8.5 GB, the DVD is DVD-9. Otherwise most of the time, it is DVD-5.
  • Ring code info: stamped on the inner ring. Check both sides for any ringcodes (small stamps may require magnifying glass to see). Report whatever ring codes are readable.
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