Nintendo GameCube NR and Wii RVT-R Dumping Guide with NR Reader and RVT-R Reader

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Nintendo GameCube NR and Wii RVT-R discs can be dumped with a PC, however if you have official development hardware (GameCube NR Reader or Wii RVT-R Reader), you can dump with these as well.

GameCube NR & Wii RVT-R discs can BOTH be dumped with a Wii RVT-R Reader. Whereas GameCube NR Reader consoles can ONLY dump GameCube NR discs.

This guide is in it's infancy and could use the help of an expert.


Dumping GameCube NR & Wii RVT-R discs with an RVT-R Reader


  • cleanrip
  • you'll need a wii menu and hbc installed
  • use hackmii installer 1.0 - 1.2 can't find vulnerable IOSes for some reason
  • also, use wii menu 3.0 or later
  • bannerbomb and letterbomb work as on retail


  1. Dump with Cleanrip (include steps here)

Submission Prep

cleanrip + hex edit to add 7mb of zeroes

Dumping GameCube NR discs with an NR Reader

To come...?
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