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This guide is an early work in progress.



  • A Wii U console with a network connection
  • A 32GB (or higher) SD Card formatted to FAT32, or an SD card of any size and a 32GB (or higher) USB flash drive formatted to FAT32 or NTFS. Higher sizes are recommended due to every Wii U Dump being 25GB, however Wii U cannot power some external HDDs without a Y-Cable.
  • WUDump, to dump the actual game.
  • Alternatevily, dumps with WUDD (Wii U Disc Dumper) are accepted for verifications.
  • If you use WUDD, you will need Hashcalc (or another program that can calculate CRC32/MD5/SHA1 of a file)
  • (Optional) WUDCompress to later compress the WUD into a WUX, which is a lot more space saving.

First Time Setup

  • Install the homebrew channel by following this guide (or alternatively you can just run it one-off using the browser exploit)
  • Download The Homebrew Channel and place the wiiu folder on your SD Root.

Option 1 - Setting up WUDump

  • Download WUDump from above, and place it in SD:/wiiu/apps/wudump/ (you will need to make the folder 'wudump')

Option 2 - Setting up WUDD

  • Download WUDD from above. If you installed Tiramisu on your Wii U, download the .rpx release. The .wuhb release can only be used with Aroma.
  • Copy the wiiu folder to the root of your SD Card


Option 1 - Dumping with WUDump

  • Run the Homebrew Launcher.
  • Once in the Homebrew launcher, select wudump, then hit Load.
  • Press the appropriate button for what device you are dumping to (FAT32 USB, NTFS USB, or FAT32 SD)
  • Once ready, the program will inform you to insert the disc; if you already have the disc inserted, simply eject and re-insert.
  • This process takes a long time (1-2 hours!), so go get lunch and wait.

Option 2 - Dumping with WUDD

  • Load WUDD through the Homebrew Launcher (Tiramisu) or the Wii U Menu (Aroma)
  • Insert the disc and select which device you would like to dump to (FAT32 SD or NTFS USB) and then select Dump as WUD.
  • If you dumped to a FAT32 device, the WUD will be split into 12 .part files that you need to combine. To do this:
    • Copy the folder containing the part files to a file system with large file support (eg NTFS)
    • Open a command prompt there and then copy and run the following command
copy /b game_part1.wud + game_part2.wud + game_part3.wud + game_part4.wud + game_part5.wud + game_part6.wud + game_part7.wud + game_part8.wud + game_part9.wud + game_part10.wud + game_part11.wud + game_part12.wud game.wud
  • You should now have two files, game.key and the full game.wud (the .part files are not needed anymore and can be deleted)
  • Run Hashcalc, press the '...' button and select the game.wud file.
  • Tick the MD5, SHA-1 and CRC32 boxes then click 'calculate'
  • Open notepad, copy the template below and replace the data in <Angled Brackets> with the version of WUDD used and the data from Hashcalc.
Dumped with WUDD - Wii U Disc Dumper <Version of WUDD used>

MD5: <Paste the MD5 from Hashcalc here>
SHA1: <Paste the SHA1 from Hashcalc here>
CRC32: <Paste the CRC32 from Hashcalc here>
  • Save the file as game.txt

Submitting Info to Redump

Copy the CRC32 from your game.txt file, open the Redump homepage and paste the hash into the Quick search field in the upper right.

  • If the search returns an existing entry on Redump, your dump is a verification and should be submitted on the "Verifications" forum.
  • If there is no existing entry for this hash, submit your dump on the "New Dumps" forum. Discs dumped with WUDD are currently only accepted for verifications.
  • If you have dumper rights you should submit the dumpinfo using the New Disc form.

Please review the important guidelines outlined in this forum thread regarding submission of both new discs and verifications: Redump Submissions

Notes using the New Disc form:

  • In the New Disc form, put all ring information in the 'Ring' field like you would using the template below (a moderator will format them properly).
  • Language Select and Case Serial information can go into the 'Comments' field.
  • Make sure you submit the game.key!
Note: paste the contents of the WUDump / WUDD game.txt or here.

[b]Game Information:[/b]

[b]Game Title:[/b]
[b]Region:[/b] Europe / USA / Japan / UK / Scandinavia / Australia
[b]Languages:[/b] English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, etc...
[b]Language Select:[/b] Language select via BIOS system settings / Language select screen at startup
[b]Disc Serial:[/b]
[b]Edition:[/b] Original / Demo / Starter Pack / Nintendo Selects
[b]Case Barcode:[/b] 
[b]Case Serial:[/b]
[b]Size:[/b] 25.025.314.816

[b]Ring Information:[/b]

[b]Mastering Code (back):[/b]
[b]Mastering SID Code (back):[/b] 
[b]Mould SID Code (back):[/b] IFPI XXXX 
[b]Additional Mould Text (back):[/b]
[b]Toolstamp (back):[/b]
[b]Mould SID Code (front):[/b] IFPI XXXX
[b]Additional Mould Text (front):[/b]

[b]Game Key:[/b] Attached

Note: Don't forget to attach the game.key file to the post!

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