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Note: This guide is for the Command Line Interface version of DiscImageCreator, if you have no idea what that means, please use the GUI version (as it's much simpler): Disc Dumping Guide (MPF).

The purpose of this dumping guide is create perfect copies of DVD-based discs using a Windows computer with DiscImageCreator app. For additional questions, support, and reference, use the forum thread here. Do not be shy if you need help! For copy-protected DVD-Video (standard movies) see this guide: DVD-Video Dumping Guide.

Compatible disc drives: Any DVD compatible computer disc drive.


Disc Compatibility

This dumping guide encompasses the following DVD disc types:

  • PlayStation 2 (DVD). Most PS2 discs were released in DVD disc format (white/clear data-side color), however some were released in CD-ROM format (indigo data-side color). This guide covers only the DVD discs, for CD-ROM discs see the guide CD Dumping Guide.
  • Computer Games (DVD), including Windows (IBM PC Compatible), Macintosh, or Windows/Mac hybrid discs. Many older computer games were released in DVD or CD-ROM format. This guide covers only DVD games. For CD-ROM discs see the guide CD Dumping Guide.

First Time Setup / Tools

  • DiscImageCreator: Download the latest version (should be named similar to: "DiscImageCreator_20180127.zip"), then unzip it. Wherever you put the unzipped folder will affect where your roms are written to when you dump the discs.
  • Install these Microsoft Packages: [1] [2]


Now you have all the tools, are all setup and ready to begin dumping. Launch the native Windows app "Command Prompt" (Start menu > Windows System > Command Prompt).

  • Open the DiscImageCreator folder you downloaded and unzipped (note: in the example "DiscImageCreator_20180127" is the name of the example folder / release version, please update according to the version you have), go into the "Release_ANSI" subfolder, and copy the directory location. For example "C:\Users\YOUR_COMPUTER_USERNAME\Downloads\DiscImageCreator_20180127\Release_ANSI"
  • It's time to navigate to this directory inside of the Command Prompt app. Type in "cd" followed by your Release_ANSI directory location in quotes, for example:

cd "C:\Users\YOUR_COMPUTER_USERNAME\Downloads\DiscImageCreator_20180127\Release_ANSI"

  • Now you will type the code in the Command Prompt to dump the disc. For example: DiscImageCreator.exe dvd d MyGameTitle_Dump1.iso 8 This command should be changed for your specifics, "d" is the dvd disc drive location, and "8" is the max read speed on the example DVD drive model. You can Google your DVD drive model to find out it's max read speed, but 8 should be safe otherwise. Dump the game twice, "MyGameTitle_Dump1.iso" and "MyGameTitle_Dump2.iso", changing the title to suit your needs.

Submitting your Dump

Time to have your disc added to redump's database! If it is your first submission, do so via the forum. Forum sign-up here. Forum disc info submission here.

  • Game title: Most obvious, is located everywhere. Please include subtitle.
  • Disc title: Some games stored on multiple discs may have discs with titles. Examples: Armored Core: Nexus (Disc 1) (Evolution) and (Disc 2) (Revolution).
  • Game languages: Start the game and look for "Language" menu in options.
  • Version:
    • For PS2 games, find the file on your disc named "SYSTEM.CNF" and open in Notepad app, "VER" = version number.
    • For PC games, the game version is either located in files like INI, CONFIG, README and or can (only) be obtained from in-game main menu.
  • Edition: Some games were re-released in different packages, for example, "Platinum", "Greatest Hits", "PlayStation 2 the Best" series. If game was released in original package, post edition as "Original".
  • Media: If the DVD is greater than 4.7 GB and up to 8.5 GB, the DVD is DVD-9. Otherwise most of the time, it is DVD-5.
  • Barcode: Submit the numbers from under the barcode: EAN / UPC code, usually printed on the back cover of the packaging or disc case. If there are multiple barcodes present (e.g. on outer sleeve/inner jewel case) then add all of these and comma separate them. Please submit exactly as printed on the item. Examples
  • Serial number: Usually printed on disc itself.
  • Ring code info: stamped on the inner ring. Check both sides for any ringcodes (small stamps may require magnifying glass to see). Report whatever ring codes are readable.
  • .dat and .txt files: DiscImageCreator will generate .dat and .txt files. Attach these files to your post when submitting.
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