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This dumping guide is for:

  • Any CD format, including (but not limited to): console games, Audio CD, and PC games (supports dumping games with the following copy protection: SecuRom 3, CDS100, CDS200, Label Gate, XCP).
  • Some DVD based formats including: PlayStation 2 and PC games on DVD-Rom. Not compatible discs include Xbox 360 with XDG3 copy protection and DVD-Video (with DRM).
  • Blu-Ray / BD-Rom: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Other Blu-Ray systems discs and BD-Video dumping is NOT supported.

For all other formats see Dumping Guides.



  • In the DICUI app folder, double click on DICUI.exe to launch the app.
  • Disc Type: Select the format / console of the disc you're dumping.
  • Output Filename: This gives a title to your output files, using the game title is a good idea (example WipEout Pulse).
  • Output Directory: This defaults to ISO\unknown\, changing this to the game title ISO\WipEout Pulse\ will create a unique subfolder easy for you to keep your dumps organized.
  • Drive Letter: Chose the drive letter for the optical disc drive you wish to dump with.
  • Drive Speed: Select the drive speed you wish to dump with. Choose the maximum supported read speed of your disc drive.
  • Start Dumping: Click this and your dump will begin! A command-line interface window will pop-up displaying the progress of your dump. When the command-line automatically closes, your dump is done!

Submitting Info to Redump.org database

Time to have your disc added to redump's database! New dumpers need to sign up on the forum here, then after account approval need to submit disc info here. After receiving "Dumper" status, future submissions should go through New Disc form.

  • Game title: Most obvious, is located everywhere. Please include the subtitle if your game has one.
  • Disc title: Some games stored on multiple discs may have discs with titles. Examples: Armored Core: Nexus (Disc 1) (Evolution) and (Disc 2) (Revolution). If your game doesn't have multiple discs, ignore this.
  • Game languages: Start the game and look for "Language" menu in options.
  • Version: If you are unsure, leave this empty
    • For PC games, the version is sometimes printed on the disc or displayed on the in-game menu.
    • For PlayStation 2 games, find the file on your disc named "SYSTEM.CNF" and open in Notepad app, "VER" = version number.
  • Edition: Some games were re-released in different packages, for example, "Platinum", "Greatest Hits", "PlayStation 2 the Best" series. If game was released in original package, post edition as "Original".
  • Media:
    • CD-Rom
    • DVD-5: for DVD games smaller than 4.6 GB
    • DVD-9: for DVD games bigger than 4.6 GB
    • BD-25: for Blu-Ray games smaller than 25 GB
    • BD-50: for Blu-Ray games bigger than 25 GB
  • Date EXE date (YYYY-MM-DD): In the *_volDesc.txt that DICUI outputs, the date will be after this text: "Recording Date and Time".
  • Primary Volume Descriptor (PVD): In the *_mainInfo.txt that DICUI outputs, copy the data from lines 0320 - 0370
  • Barcode: Submit the numbers from under the barcode: EAN / UPC code, usually printed on the back cover of the packaging or disc case.
  • DIC files: Zip and upload all files created from DICUI dumping "Output Directory" (except: iso, bin, img, scm - do not submit these). You can attach the zip to your forum submission post.
  • .dat file output: Copy and paste this into your post if you're submitting via forum.
  • Serial number: Usually printed on disc itself. If an alternate serial number is printed on packaging, please note it.
  • Ring code info: Post whatever information is visible to you. Ring codes are numbers and letters primarily on the data side of the disc near the disc center/hole. Check both sides for any ring codes (small stamps may require magnifying glass to see). For PlayStation discs with black dye, use this method to obtain any hidden ring codes if possible.
  • PC CD-ROM GAMES ONLY: It's possible when dumping a PC Game that DICUI will out put a file ending in "_SubIntention.txt". Copy and paste the contents of this file into your submission. If it doesn't exist, then do nothing.
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