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For systems not listed here please visit the forum in the General Discussion category.

System Specific Guides

General Format Dumping Guides

  • Disc Dumping Guide is a general disc dumping guide for DiscImageCreator with the DICUI GUI. This guide is compatible with the following formats:
    • CD-Rom systems: Apple MacIntosh (CD-Rom) (Note: Currently Fixing this, use CLI guide), Audio CD, Bandai Playdia Quick Interactive System, Bandai / Apple Pippin, Commodore Amiga CD / CD32 / CDTV, Linux (CD-Rom), Mattel HyperScan, NEC PC-FX / PC-Engine / TurboGrafx CD, Panasonic 3DO (Note: Currently Fixing this, use CLI guide), Philips CD-i, Sega CD, Mega CD, Saturn, Sharp X68000 CD, SNK Neo Geo CD, Sony PlayStation 1, Sony PlayStation 2 (CD-Rom), Tandy VIS (Video Information System), Tao iKTV CD, Tomy Kiss-Site, VTech V.Flash & V.Smile Pro.
    • DVD-Rom systems: Apple MacIntosh (DVD-Rom), Linux (DVD-Rom), Xbox (original), Xbox 360, Sega Lindbergh, Sony PlayStation 2 (DVD-Rom), VM Labs NUON, ZAPiT Game Wave.
    • Blu-Ray systems: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only supported.

System Specific Dumping Guides

For all systems not listed above.

Currently there are no correct guides or known methods for perfectly dumping Atari Jaguar CDs or Pioneer LaserActive laser discs.

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